The magnet clamping blocks SPM can be used universally for almost all clamping tasks.

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The SPM magnet clamping blocks have 4 clamping sides, which can be switched through the front-side pivoted lever. They can be used universally for grinding, eroding and measuring. Thinnest parts starting with a width of 0.5mm can be securely clamped through the fine 2+2mm pole division. The SPM clamping blocks are completely waterproof. Due to the low magnetic field height of just 2mm, the SPM clamping blocks are particularly ideal for use with wire and vertical eroding. Four M5 threads for the attachment of stops can be found on the backside. SPM clamping blocks are available in a stainless-steel design as well.

Technical dataDimensions [L x B x H]Adhesive forceWeightItem No.
SPM 2175 x 64 x 64803,2309
SPM 2 L195 x 64 x 64803,828983
SPM 2 NiRo175 x 64 x 64503,228984
SPM 2 L NiRo195 x 64 x 64503,851915
SPM Eco 3 magnetic adhesive areas150 x 70 x 8550563363