MSQ - Magsquare

The switchable magnet module MSQ represents a universal welding and assembly aid.

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The Magsquare represents a universal welding and assembly aid. The magnetic force acts on 3 sides. The system can be switched off through a simple 180° rotation of the switch lever. It can also be used as an addition to the magnetic welding angles A 90 and Boomer. Several thread drill holes are already present as mounting options. Four versions can be chosen from, which are different in their holding forces and dimensions. The magnet squares are suitable for round and square workpieces

Technical dataDimensions [L x B x H]Adhesive forceWeightItem No.
MSQ 16548 x 31 x 65680,361939
MSQ 40064 x 42 x 901810,960971
MSQ 60075 x 52 x 1062721,460972
MSQ 100072 x 108 x 1474543,460973