Segmented support modules

The segmented support modules effect as pole extension with magnetic clamping plates.


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Fin coils are the perfect complement to the magnetic clamping plates. The magnetic force is guided from the clamping plate to the workpiece through the arrangement of steel and brass elements. Due to the machined shapes, complex workpieces can be magnetically clamped. Various working heights can be built-up as well.
The surface of the magnetic clamping plate is additionally protected against accidental damage through, for example, deep drilling.

Other pole extension or pole placement plates are available on request.


Technical dataDimensions[L x B x H]Pole orientationItem No.
950 (pair)60 x 75 x 30length62135
950 v Prisma (pair)50 x 100 x 40length62136
EHT 100 (pair)100 x 70 x 40cross66332
EHT 150150 x 75 x 25cross64864
EHT 300300 x 75 x 25cross 66333
Lamellen JustificationDifferent sizeslength + cross*on request
  *other sizes on request