Pole extensions

Through the use of pole extensions, any unevenness on the workpiece can be compensated for and a deformation of the workpiece can be prevented.


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Pole extensions are the perfect complement to the square pole magnetic clamping plates and modules. Workpieces with any structure can be perfectly clamped with Assfalg pole extensions. The pole extensions adjust optimally to the shape of the workpiece. The workpiece is underpinned and is located safely on the extensions,, for a five-side complete processing free of vibration and warping. The surface of the magnetic clamping plate is additionally protected against accidental damage through, for example, deep drilling. Another possible application is use as a stop for 3D forms, round material and smaller workpieces.
Other pole extension or pole placement plates are available on request.


Technical dataPole sizeDimensionsVersionItem No.
Pole extensions [Type]    
PVF 505050 x 50 x 15permanent52278
PVF 5050Ø50 x 32permanent61262
PVB 505050 x 50 x 32flexible68980
PVF 757570 x 70 x 48permanent61264
PVB 757570 x 70 x 48flexible 69098