These controllers are used to activate electro permanent magnetic clamping plates and magnetic modules.

400 V

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The electronic reverse polarity controllers are used to turn the magnetic clamping plates on and off and to regulate the holding force in several stages through the affiliated manual operating device.

With the D50 controllers, up to 100 poles with the pole size 50x50mm or 50 poles with the pole size 75x75mm can be switched. Furthermore, the D100 controller is needed.

The single-channel devices D50 and D100 are used to control Magnaslot and Doublemag.
The D50-2 controller is needed to operate the Triplemag magnet modules with additional holding surface.

If multiple magnetic clamping plates are controlled individually, the D100-4 controller must be used. Up to 4 clamping plates can be switched separately here.

Individual requests can be implemented upon customer request.


Technical data


Channel Item No.
EPM D50 bis 50AMagnaslot, Doublemag1with remote control and adhesive force regulation13070
EPM D50FluxEPFLux1with remote control and adhesive force regulation66847
EPM D50-2 bis 50ATriplemag2with remote control and adhesive force regulation63863
EPM D100 bis 100AMagnaslot, EPRadial1with remote control and adhesive force regulation52950
EPM D100-4 bis 100AMagnaslot4with remote control and adhesive force regulation58088
Foot switchto EPM-D50 control unit for Doublemag- 53832