Lifting Magnet TP150 | TP 300

The TP is a manually activated permanent load lifting magnet. It can be used for flat material starting with a material thickness of 5 mm.

Lifting load[kg]
Field of application
for flat material starting at 5mm
Safety factor

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Lifting Magnet TP150 | TP 300

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The distinct advantages of the TP load lifting magnets from Assfalg are their economy and fast handling characteristics.
The hand-operated permanent load lifting magnet is the perfect and fully developed solution for moving all ferromagnetic materials in an efficient, safe and reliable way.
Usage during lifting and transportation includes a variety of flat workpieces, from pre-processed materials to square pipes.
Two types of TP lifting magnets are available with carrying loads of 200 kg and 400 kg for different material thicknesses.
The TP has become an irreplaceable aid when transporting flat material starting at 5mm and square tubes.
We would be happy to perform an annual safety inspection of your magnets.


  •   Absolutely safe lifting - the pull-off strength is 3 times the recommended lifting force
  •   Starting with a 3mm thickness
  •    No damaging of the work piece surface
  •    Smooth switching ON/OFF via switch lever
  •    No springing back of the switch lever
  •    Single-hand operation via switch lever with integrated safety locking
  •    Simple suspension on a crane


Technical dataDimensions [mm]Flatload- SWL 3:1min. thicknessRoundloadWeightItem No.
 ABCDEFFh [kg][mm][mm][kg] 
TP 1502021501811001267475/150/2005/8/101.500847562
TP 30035230018110012674150/300/400578/102.0001547563