ASO 313

 Proven hand-held chamfering machine with prismatic guide and angle adjustment for straight edges.

Maximum chamfer width [mm]
0 - 2
Radius [mm]
2 - 3
Angular adjustment
15° - 45°

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ASO 313

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The ASO 313 is for the chamfering and rounding off of workpieces with straight edges. The edge break with R2 - R4 is only possible by replacing the turning plate.
A secure and simple handling is possible through the prismatic guide and additional handle. This helps us achieve a particularly clean and vibration-free chamfer quality.
The compact construction and the low weight offer wonderful ergonomics.
The machine is equipped with a powerful and reliable pneumatic drive.
The chamfer angle can be gradually set between 15 - 45°.


  •     For 15 - 45° chamfers and for rounding edges
  •     Secure handling through prismatic guide and handle
  •     Reliable electric motor
  •     Insert milling cutter for efficient chamfering
Technical dataASO 313
Motor0,9 kW | 10.000 rpm
Energy230V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum chamfer width3 mm
Guide railshardened
Angular adjustment15° - 45°
Weight3,4 kg
Item No.32938